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"If you use the marketing system I'll create for you, 
I'll prove to you that you can find,
get, and keep more business --
in 39 days or less -- or I'll give you your money back . . . GUARANTEED."
Direct response copywriter Jay Huling
Find Business with
Direct Marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Sales letters
  • Direct mail packages
  • Direct response ads
  • Radio and television

Keep Business with
Relationship Marketing
  • Newsletters and E-zines
  • White papers/case studies
  • Cash surge letters
  • Sales kits and collateral
  • Client retention campaigns
Get Business with
Internet Marketing
  • Landing pages
  • Email campaigns
  • Website copy
  • Video sales letters
  • Customer acquisition
Do You Need a Consultant Who Specializes in Persuasive Writing for Business?

You do if you expect to get really BIG results from your marketing, advertising, and direct response efforts.  The kind with a positive ROI that turns your marketing budget into more business and more profit for you.

If you're looking for more sales and quicker sales cycles . . . significant return on investment . . . 
increased market share . . . improved lifetime value . . .  enhanced customer loyalty and retention . . . solutions to tough marketing problems . . . and more success, more often . . .

Then you've come to the right place for . . .

Better Results.  Faster Growth.  Greater Profits.

As a direct response copywriter and marketing consultant with more than 30 years' experience, 
I write to help my clients find, get, and keep more business.

But I do more than "just write copy."  I'm a strategic marketing advisor who will show you how to transform your marketing into a successful lead generating, business producing, profit making machine.

Your direct response marketing will get inside the mind of your prospects, speak to their emotions, channel their desires, and convince them to take the action you want.

Never again will you have to say "We did that ad" . . . or "We mailed that package" . . . only to finish your sentence with "and it didn't work."

From now on your direct response marketing will make you a profit -- if you'll just let me help you.  

Get sales now.  Call me toll-free and discover how I am dedicated to getting you TOP RESPONSE for all of your marketing and advertising efforts. 

The call is FREE . . . 1-800-603-COPY.  Or you can email me at jay@jayhuling.com.

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P.P.S. If you work with me, you will get more business and make more money than you ever will on your own -- or with an ad agency.  Take advantage of my money back guarantee and get the results you want.
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"Find, Get, and Keep More Customers, Clients, and Patients 
with My Persuasive Copywriting That Sells  . . . Guaranteed!"
"I'll diagnose and prescribe the marketing medicine your business needs.  Let's talk. I'll even pay for the call: 1-800-603-COPY."
My expertise embraces a wide range of media . . . online and offline:
Here's my promise to you:
"Find, Get, and Keep More Business with My Persuasive Copywriting That Sells  . . . Guaranteed!"
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