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As a Playwright, his works have been produced in virtually every state.  "I'm still waiting on Alaska and Hawaii," he jokes.  

Jay's comedy Elvis of Nazareth was selected as one of last year's top plays and was included in the annual "Best American Plays" series, published by Applause Books.

A few of his other accomplishments include:

  • First Place Winner in the Porter Fleming Literary Competition sponsored by the Greater Augusta Arts Council

  • First Place Winner in the Premiere Performances International Playwriting Competition -- where his play was voted "Judges' Favorite" and "Audience Favorite"

  • First Place Winner in the McLaren Memorial Comedy Play Competition

  • First Place Winner in the Drury University One-Act Playwriting Competition

  • Top 25 Recognition in the Stage Play Script category of the 73rd Annual Writer's Digest Writing Competition – which attracted nearly 18,000 entries

  • Winner in the Elmira College Playwriting Competition

  • Winner in the Mildred & Albert Panowski Playwriting Award

  • Winner in the Robert J. Pickering Award for Playwriting Excellence

His plays include Trilogy For TwoThe Sing Sing Suite; Plumber's Butt; Rheumatoid Floyd; Hard Luck Sings the Blues; The House on Robbins Street; Insert Laugh Here; Runs, Drips & Errors; Elvis of Nazareth; Two Fives and a Ten; The Wily Ray Riley; Bonjour Raconteur; Bob Juan; The Flaxen Miss Jackson; And God Created Laughter; Twelve Bar Blues; The Church of Diminishing Marginal Returns, and numerous short plays and comedy sketches.
"Truth, Well Sold"
Jay Huling: Playwright 
and Marketing Savant
Jay Huling graduated from Jacksonville University in 1989 with a B.F.A. in Theatre Arts and a produced play to his writing credits – the comedy Trilogy For Two.  (Which several years later would win the prestigious Premiere Performances International Playwriting Competition.)

While earning his degree, Jay picked up writing jobs here and there from a local newspaper.  He would write advertorials for small businesses, take photographs of the business owners, and develop the ads that went along with the advertorials.

“It didn't pay much.  But it was good experience. I learned how to sell, and I made enough to take a girl I had a crush on to dinner a few times a week.”

But after Jay graduated, finding a real job wasn't so easy.

“No one was interested in hiring a playwright,” he says.  “More than once I had a hiring manager at a few of Jacksonville's biggest companies laugh and say to me, 'Sorry, we don't need any plays today.'"

So Jay started hiding from potential employers his ambition to become a playwright.  Then a funny thing happened.  "People started saying to me, 'We’re not hiring any writers right now, but we're working on our new company brochure.  Can you write that?'"

And, with that, Jay's freelance career was born.

With his creative writing skills and interests in film, television, and theatre, it didn't take long until Jay was landing assignments to write radio commercials, TV spots, industrial videos, training films, corporate presentations, and other audio/video productions.

Today, as a top-performing direct response copywriter, Jay's work has been honored with national and regional awards – including numerous TELLY®, ADDY®, PRSA awards, Communicator® awards, Silver Microphone® awards and Best of Category at the International Wildlife Film Festival, where he faced such stiff competition as the Discovery Channel and the BBC.
"When I was in college, I hated marketing and I couldn't stand marketing people," says Jay Huling." I was a writer; an artist; a poet. I didn't like salesmen, and I loathed being sold to. But, curiously, I liked to buy.  So I realized obviously someone was selling to me.  Later, I came to see direct response results kind of like applause for one of my plays. It's the direct reaction I craved, and when you hit the right emotion, you can tell the truth and get the response you want. All of the sudden I had a whole new way of selling."
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"When I'm writing a play, I want to generate an emotional reaction from my audience -- because that always leads to applause.  When I'm writing copy for my clients, I generate an emotional response from their audience -- because that always leads to sales."
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