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Let me answer it this way:  Maybe you shouldn't.

Don't hire me if you think I'm some hot-shot guru.

I'm not.

I don't lead high-priced "roundtable" seminars . . . or sell DVD get-rich study courses . . . or any of the other things the so-called experts do.

I actually DO the work.  I make my living developing marketing plans and advertising collateral for clients who feel their marketing is an investment that should produce a positive return.

(You'd be surprised how many clients don't really want that.  They want to be creative . . . win awards . . . or be wined and dined by their account executive and be assured a seat in the agency's club suite at the next home game.)

You’ll be happy if you like persuasive copy and aren’t afraid of long copy if the situation warrants.

Clients interested in goals other than increasing response and ROI are better served elsewhere.
Who relies on Jay Huling and what can
"The Consulting Copywriter" do for you?
I understand.

If you are like most marketers, you've been burnt before.

You've hired an ad agency or some other vendor who promised you results, but all they gave you in return for your money was a bunch of excuses.

So now you're gun shy.

I don't blame you.  I appreciate you giving me a chance to show you why my direct response copywriting will make your advertising make money.  If we were in your office, you'd no doubt have some questions for me.

The following responses are more than just answers to typical questions . . .

. . . They're my promises to you.
"Why should I hire you?"
"How do I hire you?"
It's easy.  Just call me.

I'll even pay for the call.

The number is toll-free:  1-800-603-COPY (2679).

When we talk, some of the things I'm going to ask you about include:

  • What you're selling
  • Who you sell it to
  • How you're currently selling it
  • Who your competition is
  • What your objectives are
  • What's keeping people from buying from you
  • Your key features and benefits
  • How success will be measured

And probably a lot of other "probing" questions.  I'll gather as much information about your needs as I can.  It often requires a follow-up call or e-mail.

Sometimes I meet with clients, if necessary.  But you'd be surprised how many times it's not necessary.

I uncover hidden or neglected sales and profit opportunities for my clients and help them capitalize on those opportunities.  I fix flaws in lead generation, new customer acquisition, and follow-up marketing to make every dollar invested work harder and deliver better ROI.   
When You Need Results Right Now
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Toll-FREE:  1-800-603-COPY
Copywriter Jay Huling.  P.O. Box 14171 Jacksonville, FL  32238.  
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Direct marketing writer Jay Huling grows profits
And remember:  My work is GUARANTEED.  If you’re ready for a whole new experience working with a strategic advisor who has a unique background and in-depth understanding of MARKETING your business, let’s talk.

We can begin with a diagnostic critique of one of (or a collection of) your ads, mailers, online marketing, or whatever you’re concerned about.

To begin, a 30-minute telephone discussion is complimentary; no fee, no obligation.

I’ll even pay for the call:  1-800-603-COPY (2679).

Clients often hire me for different reasons.  Yours might be something such as:

  • I have expertise your staff or agency doesn't (such as my direct marketing expertise).

  • You need a fresh approach that's not being provided by your current marketing resources.

  • Your current provider is unavailable or too difficult to work with (or not cost efficient).

  • You absolutely have to get positive results on this project, and you don't want to risk letting amateurs learn from their mistakes at your expense.

I will produce marketing and advertising material for you that will provoke a direct response out of your target audience.  I will help you find, get, and keep more customers.  Advertising will become a winning proposition for you from now on.  

That's why you should hire me.

But you've heard that before from those who took your money and ran.  So read on to find out more . . .

"What is your background?"

I have 29 years' experience writing marketing communications material that sells.  

Of those years, 13 were spent as the Creative Director for a mid-size Florida advertising agency.  So I've seen all the tricks.  And I know the game.

I've devoted the other 16 years to my freelance clients -- developing, writing, and producing all sorts of marketing tools that help my clients make money.  

I've created a wide variety of campaigns -- TV, radio, print, Internet, outdoor, and more -- for hundreds of companies large and small.

You can see a select list that includes some of those companies by clicking here.

"What type of projects do you typically work on?"

Clients typically hire me to solve a specific marketing problem that they are challenged with.

It's usually finding new customers . . . or converting more sales . . . or keeping existing customers from defecting to the competition.  

The solution to those challenges is often achieved through some sort of marketing communications vehicle.  Here's a brief list of the types of direct response marketing campaigns and projects I've created:

Direct Mail . . . Advertorials . . . Classified Ads . . . Banner Ads . . . E-Zines . . .

Newsletters . . . Radio and Television Commercials . . . Brochures . . . Sales Kits . . .

Case Studies . . . White Papers . . . Postcards . . . Special Reports . . . Media Kits . . .

Outdoor Advertising . . . Sales and Training Videos . . . Speeches and Presentations . . .

And lots of other sales collateral material too numerous to list here.  

If your need requires persuasive copy that gets attention, communicates, and motivates your audience to take a specific action . . . then I'm the man for the job.

"Are you just a copywriter?"

Only if you want me to be.

Some of my clients have in-house marketing departments who have already figured out what they need to do.

They just need a specialist who can do it.

To them, I'm "just a copywriter."  But if that's what you need, you probably want a lower level writer than me.  You need someone who you can drive up to their window, place your "value meal" order, and have them deliver it to you hot, fresh, and ready in 30 minutes or less.

Most of my clients don't have the foggiest idea of what they need.  

To them, I'm an invaluable consultant.  I help them figure out how to solve their marketing problems.  I write and develop the creative.  And I act as a project manager if necessary -- working with outside vendors, such as photographers, broadcast producers, printers, mailing houses, graphic designers, and other specialists.

If you need it, I can get your project accomplished from concept to completion.  Saving you time, money, and a lot of headaches -- especially when you consider how much you'd pay an entire advertising agency to do the job of one person.

"What's your hourly rate?"

I don't have one.

Seriously.  I don't believe in them.

In my humble opinion, if a marketing professional is charging you an hourly rate -- you are probably being ripped off.

That person or agency is rewarded for being slow . . . rewarded for making mistakes that must be revised . . . rewarded when unexpected project changes pop up.

Agencies who charge by the hour keep track of every phone call . . . every meeting . . . every e-mail or fax they send you . . . and every member of the team -- account executive, creative director, copywriter, art director, media director, etc. -- is keeping track of their "hours" which find their way to your invoice.

You'll never know what the final bill will be until you get it.  You'll never be able to audit those hours.  You can't accurately budget your campaign under those circumstances.

I will never do that to you.

From me, you will get a flat quote on your project before any work begins.  That way you will know exactly what your bill will be.  Revisions are free.

The price you approve is the price you pay.  Period.

View my Schedule of Estimated Fees by clicking here

"How long does it take for you to complete a project?"

Most projects take two or three weeks.

But, of course, it depends on the project.  And on your deadline.

I've turned around press releases in less than an hour when needed.  I once had to write a radio commercial in ten minutes.  And I've worked on multi-media campaigns that took six months to finish.

The most important thing is that I get every word right for you.  And that takes time.

HERE'S A TIP FOR YOU:  If you don't have a real deadline, I'll quote you a lower price. Because your lack of deadline allows me to fit your project into my existing schedule.  

Some people like to make up a deadline as if that's some sort of incentive.  It's not.  And they end up paying for it, because I'm not aware that it's a fictitious deadline and therefore charge them my full rate.
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