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Two Magic Words for
Writing Radio Commercials
That Always Make You Money

Jay Huling
Go ahead, steal this idea.

It's proven to sell again and again. Use it and your radio commercials will sell, too.

The idea is summed up in two magic words:  "That's why."

"That's why" is so deceptively powerful it's been the secret copywriter's trick from time immemorial.

Magicians have the thumb tip. Copywriters have "that's why."

Let me spill the beans on how to use this piece of copy magic . . .


Start your radio commercial with a brief statement that gets the listener agreeing with you. For example, if you're selling savings accounts, you could say this:

"Millions of people earn a scant half percent interest on their savings account. Is that fair?  We don't think so!"

Your next statement will be your "that's why" statement. This should be an immediate knock out blow that takes advantage of the attention you just gained with your opening.

Make it the strongest punch you've got.  Like this:

"That's why State National Bank is offering its customers a market-busting 5.1 percent APY on its Customer Appreciation Super Savings Account."

Then, as shampoo bottles always advise:  Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Repeat your opening in a different way. Turn it into a benefit-oriented statement, like this:

"You don't have to keep getting ripped off by your bank.  We believe your savings account should be a "making" account – making your money make more money."

Then, hit them with the "that's why" hammer:

"That's why when you call 1-8XX-GET-FREE to switch to a State National Bank Customer Appreciation Super Savings Account, you'll get the guaranteed highest APY in the industry. Oh, yes, we guarantee it. If another bank offers a higher rate, we'll beat it on the spot. Your savings account at State National Bank will always make more money than any other bank's savings account – guaranteed!"

Now, keep piling on.  If you truly have something of value to offer your prospect, this formula will not get old.  So do it again . . .

"Don't you think it's time your savings account started making you some real money? Yes, we agree with you!"

And one more "that's why" bomb:

"That's why when you call 1-8XX-GET-FREE to switch to the State National Bank Customer Appreciation Super Savings Account, you'll also get our Super FREE Checking Account that includes FREE lifetime checks, FREE online banking, FREE check card, FREE e-mail balance alerts, and so much more!"

Notice that the copy includes the call to action in the "that's why" statement. Don't wait until the end of the radio commercial. Motivate as often as you can.

Close your radio commercial hard, like this:

"Most banks want to profit from you. We want you to profit from us! That's why you should call 1-8XX-GET-FREE right now to open your State National Bank Customer Appreciation Super Savings Account -- and get all the FREE you've got coming to you.  Hearing this in your car? Don't forget the number! 1-8XX-GET-FREE. The guaranteed way to turn your savings account into a making money account!"

Use this "that's why" magic formula and watch your radio commercials get response like you've never experienced. 

Do it . . . and let me know how it works for you.

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