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This Direct Mail Letter Will Always Work for You
Response is the only thing that matters in direct mail. If you use this formula, you will ALWAYS WIN. Here's a "plug-and-play" letter you can use to get results right now.
Secrets of Cold Calling:
How to Beat the Gatekeeper and Find the Decision Maker
Cold calling terrifies most people. But it does not have to. Here is an easy way to call and get the info you want that will make your direct mail more successful than ever.
Two Magic Words for
Writing Radio Commercials That Always Make You Money
Here are two words you can use to formulate a radio commercial that will sell, sell, sell. They work like a charm. Read this article for a secret that will boost your response.
Take Control of Success When You 
Learn How to Market Your "Whatever"
You want to know "how to market your _____." Well, here's how to reap the fruits of a strategic marketing plan in order to guarantee success. Read on and find out for yourself. 
10 Things You Can Do Right Now to
Instantly Supersize Your Direct Mail Response
If you know how to do it right, direct mail will make you a big, big profit. Here are some tips to help. At the minimum, you will double your response if you do. Read how . . .
Have You Ever Honestly Asked Yourself
Why Your TV Commercials Suck So Bad?
TV can bring you a large bang for your marketing buck -- if you know how to use it. Here is how to capture your largest market yet (without letting your agency rip you off).
The Myth of the U.S.P. Exposed!
How to Write Brochures That Your Ad Agency Will Hate
(but will make you a fortune)
Sorry ad agencies, you're wrong again! If you truly want to avoid wasting money on your brochure, this article has three things that will help you. Read it or go broke.
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