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"If you work with me, you will get more business and make more money than you ever will on your own -- or with an ad agency -- and you will get your life back."

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Here's how I work:

  • I will give you a firm price quote for the job before any work begins.  You will know exactly how much the project will cost -- and it won't change.  

  • I will gather as much information as I can about your product or service, your target market, your competition, and any market conditions that might be preventing you from getting the results you want.

  • I will present a copy platform on how I intend to approach the project before I actually write it.  That way you will never be surprised by the first draft. We'll always be on the same wavelength as to how things should be done.

And remember:  My work is GUARANTEED.  

If you’re ready for a whole new experience working with a strategic adviser who has a unique background and in-depth understanding of MARKETING your business . . .

Let’s talk.

We can begin with a diagnostic critique of one of (or a collection of) your ads, mailers, online marketing, or whatever you’re concerned about.

To begin, a 30-minute telephone discussion is complimentary; no fee, no obligation.

I’ll even pay for the call:
1-800-603-COPY (2679)
Direct mail copywriter Jay Huling
"I fix flaws in lead generation, new customer acquisition and follow-up marketing, to make every dollar invested in advertising or marketing work harder and deliver better return on investment for you. This cuts all the fat, waste, and uncertainty out of advertising once and for all -- so you never have to be an advertising victim again"
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