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Copywriter Jay Huling shows how to get free advertising
Copywriter Jay Huling shows how to write web copy
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Copywriter Jay Huling shows how to boost B2B lead generation results
Direct mail copywriter Jay Huling
"I'll show you my step-by-step blueprint for building a powerful direct marketing system, so you can attract all the business you want, even if you've been burned by unscrupulous ad agencies or gurus in the past."
Copywriter Jay Huling shows how to improve marketing ROI
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  • A proven way to double the response rates of your direct mail
  • Two key words that are the secret to grabbing attention on the radio
  • "How to market your . . . "
  • Website copywriting:  How to make sure your writer knows how to write for the Internet
  • 7 ways to get free PR
  • Secrets of B2B marketing
  • Why "branding" is a waste of money for many small businesses
  • Writer Where Art Thou?
  • The do-it-yourself direct mail letter
  • What REALLY works in online marketing
  • 9 tips to ensure your home page converts
  • Winning ways to generate more catalog sales
  • The easy way to prosper with postcards
  • How to hire a writer
  • 10 secrets of successful fundraising.
  • Direct response copywriting made easy
  • The dirty little secret about freelance writers
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