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Dear Fellow Business Builder,

There is so much misinformation and bold-faced lies out there about how to market your business.

I talk to way too many business owners who gripe and moan and stay awake worried at night because their marketing efforts are doing absolutely nothing for them.

  • They paid a high-priced agency to "re-brand" them and nothing happened
  • They bought books, attended seminars, participated in "round table" coaching sessions, and nothing happened
  • They hired "marketing people" – freelancers, staffers, consultants – all claiming to have the keys to the kingdom, and nothing happened . . .

. . . except for those they hired who got rich by dishing out bad advice.  But what do the so-called "experts" care if they do things the wrong way and waste your money?

It's such a shame because when you do marketing the RIGHT way, getting new business and turning profits from your efforts can be like taking candy from a baby.

Listen, I've been in this "racket" for more than 29 years.  A long 13 of those years were as the creative director for an advertising agency.  So I've seen all the tricks.

Now I'm known as "The Consulting Copywriter," serving my own clients -- getting them the results they need so they not only save their businesses, but thrive.

Yet, I'm still often secretly "ushered through the back door" to work on projects at advertising agencies by agency "suits" who know their people can't get the results I can.

You Would Be Shocked to Hear What Agency People 
Think About Their Work. Most of Them Know it Doesn’t Get Results. 
Privately, They Admit All They Care About is Receiving Creative Awards.

​They have their "creative" hanging on the walls.  And they have their awards on display for all to see.

But when one of their clients wants something that actually works – something held accountable by the click of a web button or the return of a reply card or the ringing of a telephone – they send for me.

​If you've ever sat through an agency "dog-and-pony" show, you've been subjected to half-truths, conflicting data, and phoney-baloney theories that don't stand a chance of making you a profit from your marketing expenditures.

Those who take the bait are lucky to still be in business.

No wonder so many owners have "given up on marketing."

Tragically, for them, what it really means is they have given up on getting new business.  And that means they will be out of business before too long.

Here's a good example . . .

I got a call a while back from a restaurateur who asked me about my "39-Day Results Guarantee."  We talked about his business.  I reviewed some of his existing marketing materials. . . put them through my diagnostic lens . . . and wrote him a prescription for a marketing system I guaranteed would work.

And that's a money-back guarantee I offer.

Some time went by and I didn't hear from him.  So I called and left him a voice message asking about the proposal.

He didn’t call back, but here’s the exact text of the email he sent to me:

Dear Jay,
Your fee was a little too rich for our blood. We’ve gone with a social media expert who specializes in Facebook advertising. It was a lot less than your direct mail proposal, and we’re already over 100 likes on our page. I’ll let you know if we’re ever in need of your services.

Unfortunately, he never got around to “letting me know,” because about eight months later they were out of business.

You see, you can’t pay the bills with “likes.” You need people “to buy.”

If you – unlike him – understand direct response marketing at all, you know the only thing you’re really interested in is the return on your investment.

I’m here to help you discover exactly how your business can apply direct response marketing strategies to attract more leads, build more business, and generate greater profits faster and easier than you ever imagined possible.

Didn’t you start your business so you could prosper?

Did you really go out on a limb . . . sacrifice sleep, weekends, and family time just to survive?

Did you really do all that so some amateur can learn from his mistakes – or worse, some advertising creative charlatan can line her trophy case – at your expense?

Here’s How the Con Works
Here’s How the Stupid Do It

Most agencies and freelancers know business owners “love a plan.” Lay out a plan like you lay out a piece of cheese on a mousetrap and . . . SMACK!!

The account signed, sealed, and delivered . . . and dead on arrival in its tracks.

THE MISTAKE IS THIS: You let them fool you into starting with the media they want to run.

Let’s build a new website . . . traffic some radio sponsorships . . . put up some outdoor boards . . . get our frequency up by running some island ads with 4x4 display announcements in the back of the business journal” and so on.

That’s how business owners go broke.

If you are making media choices without giving thought to WHAT you need to communicate and WHO you need to communicate it to, you’re going about things backwards.

And you’re spending money on advertising that fills the pockets of the seller of the advertising – not yours.

I will help you first determine what message you’re going 
to put into the marketplace, who you are going to say it to, 
and how you are going to prove you’re better.

Only after that will we decide the right media for you to deliver your message. There are no cookie-cutter answers. It might be direct mail, internet marketing, radio and TV, or skywriting and smoke signals for that matter.

We’ll use whatever will work for you.

Do it and I GUARANTEE you will find business, get business, and keep business in 39 days or less . . . or I will give you your money back.

What’s the catch?

There’s only one: You have to implement the system I create for you. And I’ll create it from scratch specifically to meet your exact needs.

That’s really not much of a catch. After all, you wouldn’t ask a nutrition expert to help you lower your cholesterol and then replace all the fruits and vegetables in the diet with bacon and french fries.

Simply put into action the system 
I’ll custom craft for you and results are GUARANTEED.

I’ll show you how to thrive and prosper right now and be poised to profit from your marketing efforts with my time-tested, proven, yet cutting-edge and radically different approach for attracting business.

I can help you systematically, efficiently, and affordably target your ideal, ready and able to buy, high value customers or clients.

An example of one of my "home runs" is a non-profit who asked me to help them raise at least $50,000 in donations for a capital campaign project. I developed the concept for a direct mail package; I wrote it; they mailed it . . .

And When All the Results Were In,
It Raised More Than $350,000

That’s $300,000 more than they were asking for!!

Compare that to the restaurant prospect I mentioned earlier who’s now working for someone else instead of running his own business.

Who would you rather be?

If you are growth-oriented – and I bet you are – I’ll help you open your eyes to opportunities so you can market your business . . . avoid costly mistakes . . . achieve instant profitability . . . liberate your time . . . and create a more pleasant work-life.

I’ll help you get past the “gate keepers” so you can influence decision makers . . . dramatically shorten sales cycles . . . and attract a steady stream of ideal business.

You know the marketplace is a jungle. If you don’t have a marketing strategy before diving into this jungle, you will be eaten alive . . . and lose your shirt in the process.

That’s where the sales rep at the radio station . . . or the account executive at the ad agency . . . or the sales guy at the “digital media” shop go terribly wrong.

They just have media stuff to sell you. They don’t have a strategy – a complete system for you to follow – a roadmap created just for you for navigating your message to the right people, in the right way, at the right time.

First Find the Opportunity,
Then Apply the Strategy

Let me help you use this technique and you’ll finally score profit after profit with your marketing efforts. I'll show you:

  • How to attract abundant business by using targeted direct response marketing techniques

  • How to succeed offline with sales letters, ads, radio and TV, brochures, and other sales collateral that pull an astounding response rate bringing in new business

  • How to succeed online with traffic strategies like search engine optimization, pay-per-click and banner ads, and email marketing that lead to website conversions

If you’re ready for a whole new experience working with a strategic advisor who has a unique background and in-depth understanding of MARKETING your business, let’s talk.

You’ll be glad you did. Because just like you would approve plans before beginning a new construction project, I’ll draft recommendations for your approval on how I will tackle your specific objectives.

To begin, a 30-minute telephone discussion is
complimentary; no fee, no obligation.

I’ll even pay for the call:  1-800-603-COPY (2679).

If we both realize we don’t see eye to eye, we can stop right there. No questions asked. And you owe me nothing.

But more than likely this free consultation will be the first step toward your most successful marketing effort ever.

You need me to develop and install a marketing system that gets you business. That’s my philosophy. If you agree, I can help you achieve those results.

Take a look at your current marketing and then take a look at the results. You can do better; much better. You need the best team around you to fully exploit your options.

Again, here’s how to reach me:  1-800-603-COPY.


Jay Huling

P.S. Keep in mind, I’m not the cheapest consultant in town. But do you really think working with the cheapest is the smartest option? Remember my guarantee and tell me about your budget. I’ll tell you about the results I can get for you. Thanks!
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Direct response copywriter and consultant Jay Huling
Jay Huling – a 29-year direct response marketing strategist – is about to blow the lid off "ignorant" advertising agencies, brand managers, and freelance gurus who promise rain to hungry business owners but only deliver empty passing clouds.

"I'm sick of seeing business owners get ripped off by marketing people 
who take money but provide 

Even if they 'mean well' that’s no excuse for doing everything THE WRONG WAY.

I'll show you THE RIGHT WAY 
so your marketing will get you results every time because I do things differently from all those wise fools.
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