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My Mission

I devise direct marketing strategies and systems that cut all the waste and fat out of advertising and make sales people 1,000 percent more productive.

I help business owners and entrepreneurs develop marketing and advertising that attract more customers, clients, and patients, sell more products and services, and make more money . . . even if they've tried everything before, been burned by their greedy advertising agency, and even if they've developed a negative mindset that "advertising doesn't work."

I make life easier on my clients.  I strive to understand their day-to-day marketing challenges and all the dynamics in their work situation that makes their job difficult.

I offer consulting services that help clients use their marketing budget to turn a profit and produce a significant return on investment . . . and I GUARANTEE my work, as long as the client follows the plan I create for them.

I am not finished with a job until my client and all the decision-makers my client must please are 100 percent satisfied with the work I have completed.

I will always remember the end-user -- my client's customers -- and what they want out of my client's product or service.

I work to get my clients TOP RESPONSE from their marketing . . . while ALWAYS treating them with honesty, integrity, empathy, and dependability.
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