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"At last, finally a marketing consultant with the guts to GUARANTEE his work so you can rest assured you will have marketing success -- even if you've tried and tried, only to fail -- and even if you've been ripped off by your advertising agency."
You Don't Have to be "Their" Advertising Victim Ever Again
Hello fellow entrepreneur,

Yes, I’ve already solved all of your marketing problems.

  • Sluggish lead generation . . . solved.
  • Broken sales funnels . . . solved.
  • Low conversion rates . . . solved.
  • Back-end retention and ascension flaws . . . solved.

Yes, that's the business stuff complicating your professional life.  But what's really important is how all that interferes with your personal life.  Clients of mine are constantly telling me how relieved they are to finally be able to attend their son's baseball game . . . or their daughter's play . . . or their family gathering . . . or simply enjoy a real weekend off . . . and actually be there in both mind and spirit, not worrying about work, or making payroll, or where the next client or dollar is coming from.

All because I fixed their problems for them.

Just like the experienced nutritionist knows how to prescribe a diet for you that will achieve your health goals -- based on the thousands of patients he or she has helped over the years -- my 29 years of experience helping business owners solve their marketing problems is your assurance of marketing success for you.

Tell me what your real marketing problems are . . . I can solve them.

Your Day with Jay

It's similar to going to the doctor . . . except I won’t make you wear one of those funny paper gowns.

We're going to take a day and examine your business.  What are the holes in your bucket?  Where are the broken bridges?  Are there any hidden treasures you're missing?  And how can we close the loop on what your customers want and what you offer?

I'm looking for strategic competitive advantages I can create for you . . . marketing assets you can use to break down any barriers of entry and monetize the stored value in your prospects . . . and uncover the opportunities standing in the way of you and the business you want.

This is different from what you get from other copywriters (or worse, advertising agencies).  You tell them what you want done -- and then they "get creative."

Not so with me. I’m going to tell you what you need to do.  (You don't tell me.)

Just like the doctor prescribes you the little blue pill . . . or the nutritionist puts you on the no-this or all-that diet . . . I'm going to write you a prescription to solve your marketing problems, and if you follow my plan, results are GUARANTEED.  And, yes, that's a money-back guarantee.

The solution might be direct mail . . . broadcast . . . sales collateral . . . and/or internet marketing . . . probably a combination of online and off-line efforts.

Yes, people are making enormous sums of money with my help.  They are going from no-business to business-up-to-their-eyeballs with blinding speed.  They come to me with marketing problems, and they leave with those problems solved . . . and their businesses TRANSFORMED.

You can, too.

If you would like to dramatically "elevate your game" and create a much more successful status for your business, give me a call -- toll-FREE -- 1-800-603-COPY (2679).

You will be taken deep inside a most thoughtful, deliberate, and purposed approach to solving your marketing problems . . . getting and keeping business . . . and uncovering neglected sales and profit opportunities.

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