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Knowledge of What Works
"I've been on a lot of shoots with Jay.  He's prepared, knows what he wants, and directs the models with ease. Some of the most effective marketing projects I've seen are copy and concepts that Jay has created. He really has a vast knowledge of marketing ideas, and he knows how to use emotional trigger words that get response. What I find most impressive about him is his ability to go well beyond the standard features and benefits approach of most writers. Best of all, he knows how to let me do my job, and our work always works."

Tony Neste

A Unique Persuasive Approach
"The radio and TV spots that Jay's written and produced with us have all had their own unique persuasive approach.  We want to work with people we like, and Jay is one of my favorites."

Robin Russ
Vice President
Studio Center Worldwide Audio

Elite Copywriter and Marketing Consultant
"Before hiring Jay, we were unsure how to best move our business forward.  But when Jay began working on our website and several brochures, we gained an incredible amount of practical sales strategy from him that we were able to put to immediate use.  Jay also concepted, researched, and wrote a large information-rich vacation planner for us. We've seen a significant increase in website hits and sales since we began working with Jay.  He’s an A-Level copywriter, and what impresses me most about Jay is he's much more than just a writer.  He's a first-rate marketing consultant and strategic thinker. And I appreciate his willingness to ensure every decision-maker involved is completely satisfied.  The bottom line is always results, and Jay gets that for us."
Matthew Day
Director of Business Development

Jay Can Turn Coal Into Diamonds
"From the first project Jay worked on for me, I realized he has a gift for writing copy that sells.  His writing is attention-getting, easy-to-read, and very persuasive.  But what separates Jay from others in the business is his ability to explain why the copy will work.  He can back up his strategy with proof.  And his past performance of results clearly demonstrates his credibility.  He doesn't just write something because it looks good or sounds good.  He writes to tap into the emotions that are most dominant in the reader’s heart and mind.  Working with Jay is a delight and I highly recommend him.  He makes our business life easier by taking away the stress of worrying about wasting money on marketing.  We market to grow our business, and that's what we're doing thanks to Jay."

Debra Hamilton
"Fur Majesty"
Working Like a Dog

Record-Breaking Direct Response Results
"Jay is truly Jacksonville's Babe Ruth of direct marketing.  He seems to hit a homerun every time.  We used to run ads that ended up being just another line item on our expense sheet.  There was not a return on the investment.  But when we started running ads that Jay wrote, we saw a distinct increase in traffic to our locations.  Jay knows how to write to close a sale in print.  In fact, one of the ads Jay wrote for us broke the existing sales record for the Florida Times-Union and Jacksonville.com.  His copy sold 437 hamburgers in less than 24 hours.  He's a great copywriter and a valuable marketing consultant.  His ideas, strategy, and advice have really helped take our business to the next level."

Kelly Harris
President & CEO
Times Grill

The Proof is in the Profits
"Our profitability has quadrupled since we've been implementing Jay’s advice. We’re finally targeting the right prospects with our marketing. At first we were worried that Jay’s ideas were too radical, and quite frankly, too expensive. But the proof is in the profits and in the immediate results Jay has generated for us. I’m afraid to think how much money it would have cost us in failed marketing if we hadn’t hired Jay. I would have never believed it unless I had experienced it for myself. And since our business is now more successful than ever, I can now take more time off and spend more time with my family -- which is why we started our business in the first place."

Jan Campana
Owner & President
Dimples BBQ Sauce

He Knows How to Turn 
Writing Into Money for His Clients
"Jay's concepts are fantastic.  He works well with our sound engineers and our editors.  Plus, his clients are always pleased with the final product – especially since the projects always turn out to make the client money.  That’s because he has an uncanny ability to uncover what the client really wants and needs, and then he delivers copy and concepts that meet all of their objectives.  We love working with him."

Gloria Norton
Director of Business Development
Digital Video Arts

I Wholeheartedly Recommend 
Mr. Huling without Reservation
"Our experience of working with Mr. Huling was a model of a good working relationship.  At every stage of the process Mr. Huling was available and eager to help the process.  There was very little revising because the script was in excellent shape when we got it, but Mr. Huling was quick to help with any point we brought to his attention.  We have had a wonderful experience working over these last two years with Mr. Huling. In addition we had a truly remarkable success.  Based on our work with him I can wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Huling to you without reservation.  Mr. Huling is a skilled writer and a pleasure to work with."

Tom Parkhill
Artistic Director
Tennessee Stage Company

Jay's Simple Postcard Campaign
Brought in $37,000 in the First Month
"As a direct result of Jay's work, my business is thriving. I'm almost too busy, if that's possible, and my waiting list continues to grow. Before Jay developed a direct marketing program for me, I spent a lot of time racking my brain trying to figure out this marketing thing. I knew my business, but I simply didn't know how to get clients. Nowadays, I get more business -- and more repeat customers -- than ever before. And it all started with Jay's simple postcard campaign that brought in more than $37,000 of new business the first month. There's no way this would be possible without Jay's help. Now, marketing is easy. It pays for itself, and best of all, it makes me a profit -- lots of it."

Heather Pennington
Beauty 4 Life, Inc.

Copy That’s Informative, 
Interesting, and Truly Unique
"Your script truly is unique, just as you promised. Keeping a 45-minute orientation video both informative and interesting is quite a challenge, but you were up to the task.  Yours is the most watchable training video I've ever seen and the most effective.  It's going to save Vistakon money in the long run through increased employee productivity."

Frank J. Liska
Director, Corporate Communications

An Impressive Scope of Talent
"You've done a great job developing our entire campaign, and that's a lot of stuff.  From the print ads to the brochure to the video script to the point-of-purchase displays and radio commercials, I'm impressed with the scope of your talent."

Pat Summerall
LDC Direct

Meeting Objectives in a Creative Way
"Thanks for the great job.  I'm always impressed with your ability to shovel through a massive amount of material and deliver a script that meets its objectives in a creative way.  I went ahead and recommended your services to Retail Training."

Jill Pearson
Video Director
Barnett Banks, Inc.

Electrifying Copy for 
Maximum Readership and Peak Response
"Thank you for your assistance in generating the copy for our updated company brochure.  You did a good job in learning about our business in a very short period of time and producing information under a tight schedule.  Your approach was very professional, and the finished product met my expectations.  I very much appreciate your efforts."

W. Frost Weaver
Cantrell Weaver Properties, Inc.

A Pleasure to Work With
"I wish to say thanks for your creativity and quick response in assisting me in developing our ads and sales letters.  Dial One has had positive responses in sales from each of those efforts, and you have been a pleasure to work with."

Charles Stambaugh
Dial One

A True Pro
"Your latest newsletter arrived this week, and it is very good.  ‘Secrets of Creating Winning Direct Mail Letters’ got to me in the nick of time.  I was able to use your guidelines step by step and write the letter with ease.  I think anyone in business could benefit from your help.  You’re a true pro."

Martin Strickland
Delta Air Lines

Good Writers Are Hard to Find
"You've done a very nice job on all of the assignments.  We've scheduled the Lancaster story for the next issue, and the fitness story in the following.  Good writers are hard to find, so we'll be in touch again."

Gary Sease
Manager, Editorial Services

Copy That Draws the Audience 
and Delivers a Complete Message
"Your work was of the highest quality, and your advice on style and communication will come in handy for future in-house projects.  I found your copy to be very readable while still communicating all the points clearly and concisely.  Each section achieves its mission of selecting the audience, drawing the reader into the copy, and delivering a complete message."

Betty A. Neal
Operations Manager
Advanced Technology

Thanks for Getting Customers Into My Store
"Thanks for your great copy and for all the advice.  The increased rentals and sales of insurance your work gave me made it worth every penny.  I don't get a salary or an hourly wage.  I earn my living solely from the cars I rent and the insurance I sell.  So my advertising has to work.  Thanks for getting customers into my store."

William Reeder
AVIS of Orange Park

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